Enable and Empower your Teams

we enable and empower leaders, managers and business teams in a customised facilitated 1 - day workshop at your premises.
Our Customer Focused Leadership workshop will help Leaders and Managers lead their teams closer to their customers.
This workshop will provide:
- A deeper understanding of Customer Experience concepts and why its important the leadership team.
- Foundational strategies and practical tools to help unlock a focused customer-first approach.
- Understand as a leader, how you prioritise and focus on the customer in real life and real time.
- How you drive alignment on customer engagement across different roles and business units.
- Build out an actionable plan for your teams resulting in increased profits, customer growth, unforgettable engagement and long-term customer relationships.
Customer Growth and long-term retention is our focus, we know its yours too.


Executive leaders, cross functional executive and leadership teams and business leaders.

What to Expect?

Understand from within your industry and from other industries, best practices that will put the customer first across all business functions.

During the interactive workshop you will understand how to move from words and mission statements to actionable plans, and how to measure customer engagement across all business units.

Learn from stories and examples from other companies as you look at your company from the customer perspective and identify as a leader how you will adjust your style and focus to drive increased customer satisfaction, growth and retention.

Each attendee will receive a unique workbook filled with stories, anecdotes, workshop material and a handy place to capture your thoughts and actions throughout the program.

 What you’ll Learn

Over the course of the program, you will learn:

-         What is customer experience in the modern business world

-         Why is customer experience important across the organization

-         As a Leader, why is customer experience important to you

-         How to deeply understand your customers in real-time

-         Identify how your teams can best engage with customers to delight them every time

-         Measuring customer experience internally,creating listening channels and customer journey touch points

-         The importance of customer onboarding

-         Retention strategies that work

-         Defining a measurable action plan

-         Overcoming barriers to drive cross functional change, and increasing collaboration to achieve your goals



8.30am              Breakfast

9.00am              What is customer experience?

10.45am           Measuring and Acting on customer experience

12pm                 Lunch (30 mins)

12.30pm           The Customer Journey: From Acquisition, Onboarding to Retention

3.15pm             Framework for Success

3.30pm             Defining your Vision & Actions

4.30pm             Feedback on Action Plans

5.30pm             How to drive Alignment in your Teams

6pm                   Finish



Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the workshops held?

Depending on size, we can run a specialised workshop at your company or we run them regularly at our offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Both central CBD locations.


I’m coming from out of town – where should I stay?

We’re happy to recommend great hotels that suit your budget.  Just contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure you get a good nights rest for the workshop.


What if I have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

We are happy to accommodate!  Please let us know ahead of time so we can ensure you have an appropriate option that is delicious and nutritious!


What’s your cancellation policy?

Should you need to change your plans, we are on your side!  Please be on our side as well and let us know as soon as you’re aware that you need to make a change.


Are there any breaks?

Absolutely!  Our agenda for the workshop depends on you being focused and energised so there’s plenty of breaks and we may introduce more coffee runs as well as the usual morning and afternoon tea – lunch is not provided but many amazing options are available for you to attend individually or as a group.