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Defining your Customer Strategy

Understand your customers as your most important financial asset. Focus on growth, retention, executive engagement and driving outstanding customer experience throughout your organisation.

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Win & Loss Analysis to Journey

Listening and Learning from your customers on where and importantly WHY you are winning, and losing deals. We help map this out across the sales journey and help organisations refine their sales engagement to convert more wins.

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Advisory Boards

We help facilitate a focused discussion and strategy sessions with your most important customers. Learn and network with each other under a structured regular program. These sessions help foster meaningful and strategic partnerships and its where magic really happens.

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Defining your Customer Strategy

Because your customers are your most valuable financial asset.


Listen, Learn & Action

Leadership Customer Advisory: We will get to know your customer engagement strategy, we will listen to your customers and provide you a board/exec level summary of findings and actions to execute on.

With a deep understanding of pressures of executive leadership teams, we work with both your customers and internal stakeholders to provide you a focused customer-centricity audit with insights.  

No one has time to read another annual survey report. Understand in ongoing and real-time??


Starting from 5 - 7 days onsite.


Win & Loss Analysis to Journey

Where are you winning new customers, and how and why are you losing them?

A customer journey map is all the more powerful when mapped to your win/loss analysis. Understanding this is vitally important for growth and customer retention

Even better, we'll go and talk to your customers on your behalf and find out how you can love them more.


Starting from 3 - 5 days onsite.


Outside-in + Inside-out view

In order to really understand your customers, its important you all perspectives of engagement.


Customer Advisory Board

Bring your customers together to understand how you can help them more.


Building executive relationships like no other

Customer Advisory Board: Leadership skills in action as you bring your most important customers together to listen to them, learn from them and ensure you have alignment on your strategy for growth and meaningful long-term partnership.

Via a facilitated executive session, we will set up, prepare and help you chair this session. With a 1, 2 or 3 day program, these sessions will undoubtedly drive increased sales, future loyalty, trusted connection and a honest engagement between executives.


Starting from 5 days preparation.
1 - 5 days onsite for board session..

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.”
– Sir Richard Branson

Customer Financial Asset Management

Understand the financial profit/loss of your customers, cost per cust and product affinities. After all, your customers are your companies biggest financial asset,

Win/Loss Analysis Map to Journey

Simply the who, why and when you are winning and losing customers. We conduct focused interviews to ensure you win more, lose less and are constantly learning from your customers.

CX-Enabled Account Plan

All Customer-facing teams need to have a coordinated and natural approach when engaging with customers. Lets stop spamming our customers with email and build a plan to earn trust, loyalty and a long-term future together.

Customer Discovery & Research

This is the heartbeat of Customer Experience and Engagement! Learn anecdotal insights directly from your customers to drive improvement and take action fast.

Customer Segmentation and Engagement

Understand who your top customers are. Leverage your historical factual data to understand buying trends and ensure you have aligned resources to engage with them differently.

Customer/Partner Advisory Board

Build a select, trusted community that helps you learn and provides you insights & feedback that keeps your decisions grounded and relevant. Leverage these forums to expand your network and validate your strategy and approach to market.

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